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Making Conflict Your Friend | Coming Soon

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Conflict is inevitable.  Customers are expecting and demanding more.  There are often fewer resources to cover more customers.  When individuals feel that their goals maybe negatively impacted by these expectations, stress builds and conflict may occur.  Avoiding or ignoring conflictdoes not work.  The “my way or the highway” approach is not effective.  Leaders who possess constructive conflict behaviors effectively are the ones who are the most productive. Sustaining and respecting relationships are vital in effective conflict resolution.  In today’s efficient workplace, everyone needs to be able to handle conflicteffectively.  As stated in the book, “Good to Great”, good is the enemy of great.  Complacency negatively impacts results.  Navigating in constructive conflict conversations is powerful and plays an important role in forwarding business objectives. 


In this 90-minute session, we will cover the following:

-Identify YOUR constructive behaviors to effective conflict resolution.

-Identify YOUR destructive behaviors that escalates conflict.

-Identify YOUR personal triggers that impacts effective conflict resolution.

This May 17th, we will have a one-day "Making Conflict Your Friend" program for leaders and managers. Investment is only $125 including  Behaviors Assessment and Materials.

Day: May 17th, 2022 
Place: On-line via Zoom 
Time:  8:30am - 10:00am EST