Coaching & Training
To Help You Excel beyond Your Highest Expectations

Get Your Edge provides intensive individual coaching plus a variety of leadership and management development programs that produce truly remarkable improvements. Our interactive training models instill bold leadership skills that create immediately measurable results.


If you want to achieve true greatness, don’t go it alone! Executive coaching yields an ROI of almost 6 times its cost according to a major study of 100 executives from Fortune 1000 companies. Ted’s coaching builds leadership skills and enhances on-the-job performance with uniquely customized programs for each individual.


Know where you stand as a leader and learn what you need to get better! Assessments measure an emerging leader’s ability to lead, effectively communicate, managing emotions and much more. Individual values and goals are taken into consideration and leaders are guided on an accelerated path to greater achievements.


Get Your Edge customized workshops provide emerging leaders with training to help them get to the next level and keep advancing. Topics range from Strategic Management, Leadership 101, Motivating Employees, Enhancing Business Communication, Problem Solving/Decision-Making and Leveraging Your Emotional Intelligence Skills.

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