The 12 Deadly Sins of Leadership


In my over two decades of coaching leaders, I have identified what I call the “12 Deadly Sins”.  These areas of behavior can negatively impact a leader’s effectiveness.  The key is not to be caught in the allure of these areas.  If you do caught in it allure, you will impact your leadership brand.
The 12 Deadly Sins are:

1.    Complaining/Venting to subordinates.
2.    Not supporting senior manager objectives.
3.    Participating in the company grapevine.
4.    Promise something you cannot deliver.
5.    Living in your cave.
6.    Playing favorites.
7.    Talking about subordinates with other subordinates.
8.    Sharing privileged information with others.
9.    Inflated ego.
10.  Not being approachable.
11.  “Do as I say” not “as I do” –itis.
12.  Not Realizing the Impact of Your Leadership Position when on Social Media.