The Ratio That Creates High Performance Management

I recently visited a maple barn.  The sugar maker demonstrated how maple syrup is made. I learned that prime maple syrup making is from mid-February to mid-April.   I learned that it takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of maple syrup.  That is a 40:1 ratio.  It struck me.  It takes a lot resources (i.e. sap) to make just one gallon of liquid gold (aka maple syrup). Wow!  This fact made me think, “What is the magic ratio for high leadership and performance management.”

What is the ratio to create performance gold?  To develop high performers, a leader must invest in individuals.  What is that resource that leaders need to invest  to achieve high performance?  For maple syrup, that resource is sap.  For individuals, that is time.  Does it take a 40:1 ratio to achieve high performance in others?  Probably not.  But, it is more than a 1:1 ratio.  A leader must invest time to uncover key performance enhancing information.

Here is what a leader needs to uncover for high performance management:

  1. Motivation.  What motivates the individual?  Is he/she motivated by challenge? Learning new things? Personal growth?
  2. Feedback.     How does he/she like to receive feedback?
  3. Learning Style.  How does he/she learn?  Auditory? Visual? Kinesthetic?
  4. Communication Style.  Is he/she more task or people-oriented?

As a leader, do not get lazy.  Invest this time.  Learn how to create performance gold. If you make this investment, it will pay off for you in big ways!  It will taste just as sweet as maple syrup!

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Ted Gorski is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation.  He works with new/emerging leaders both internationally and domestically. Ted is host of “The Leadership Edge” TV show which is aired on Bedford Community TV and YouTube.  He is author of the book, “Trailblazing Leadership”.  Ted also conducts workshops and personal assessments to “Unlock the Leader in You”.