Avoid Leadership Traps That Sheriff Scott Israel Missed

Avoid Leadership Traps.  These traps sap your leadership abilities and presence.  There are two traps that Sheriff Scott Israel has fallen in over the past few days.  These traps signal leadership failure.  Avoid these at all costs.

The first trap — self-proclamation of great leadership.   Sheriff Scott Israel has stated that “his leadership is amazing.”  With all that has happened, it is a HUGE stretch to make this statement.  With the facts still surfacing, this self proclamation seems quite boastful and delusional.  First of all, great leaders do not openly state that their leadership is “amazing”, it is up to the people they lead to make that claim.  Great leadership is a mindset.  Others can easily recognize great leadership. Self proclamation of great leadership does not make it so.

The second leadership trap — “I am not responsible.”  Quite frankly, you are.  Leaders are responsible for the results of the people in their organization.  If a CEO of company has financial losses, is not that CEO ultimately responsible?  Does the CEO say,”Well, the sales staff did not close enough sales.  That is not my fault.”  Of course not.  The CEO is ultimately responsible.  Sports managers/coaches get fired for inadequate results.  If your team or organization does not produce, the ultimate responsibility lands on the leaders head.  Period. It goes with the leadership territory.

What are the leadership lessons here?  To avoid leadership traps, don’t let your hubris get in the way.  As a leader, you are ultimately responsible for the actions of your team members.  Do not “pass the buck.”  This is what is happening here.  Your team members are the ultimate judge of  your leadership skills.  In my experience, a leader who stands up and says “I am a great leader” usually is not.

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Ted Gorski is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation.  He works with new/emerging leaders both internationally and domestically. Ted is host of “The Leadership Edge” TV show which is aired on Bedford Community TV and YouTube.  He is author of the book, “Trailblazing Leadership”.  Ted also conducts workshops and personal assessments to “Unlock the Leader in You”.